Adult Sign Languages Classes

ASL Classes

Communities and individuals that interact with the deaf, deaf-blind, and hard of hearing regularly seek to develop deeper relationships with their community members. The most basic and effective way to do this is to learn American Sign Language. We can help.

Learn to interact at a deeper level with the deaf community.

We offer Basic Conversational American Sign Language Level I, II, and II courses designed to help adults learn the structure of ASL grammar and vocabulary, manual fingerspelling, and conversational practice. Classes run for 10 weeks and are offered at a reasonable price. Also, our schedule is flexible, and we have classes available to fit most anyone’s needs. 

Learn from native signers in an intimate and supportive environment.

Our ASL classes are taught by native signers, the real experts, in a fun and engaging environment.  The classes apply a nationally renowned curriculum that not only teaches the language, but also the heritage of the Deaf community and the nuances of conversing with culturally Deaf individuals. We consistently hear from businesses and organizations that learning to directly communicate with deaf and hard of hearing individuals not only helps them better serve deaf and hard of hearing patrons, but also to gain a new appreciation for the courage, dignity, and  perseverance of the Deaf community. Whether you come to us or we come to you, there is a nominal charge for ASL classes to help cover the cost of these services. If we can be of service to your business or organization by teaching ASL classes, please contact us at 423-697-3842 (voice) or (423) 208-2802 (video phone).

Sessions are offered multiple times per year depending on the number of people interested. The classes are one-hour long and sessions run for ten weeks.

If you would like more information on ASL classes please contact Matt Calkins:

[email protected]

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